work n. 1 the application of mental or physical effort to a purpose. . . . 4 a person's employment or occupation etc., esp. as a means of earning income.
career n. 1a one's advancement through life, esp. in a profession. b the progress through history of a group or institution. 2 a profession or occupation, esp. as offering advancement 3 (attrib.) a pursuing or wishing to pursue a career (career woman. b working permanently in a specified profession (career diplomat.
employment n. 1 the act of employing or the state of being employed. 2 a person's regular trade or profession.
profession n. 1 a vocation or calling, esp. one that involves some branch of advanced learning or science.
vocation n. 1a strong feeling of fitness for a particular career or occupation. 2 a person's employment, esp. regarded as requiring dedication. occupation n. 1 what occupies one; a means of passing one's time. 2 a person's regular or temporary employment; a business, calling, or pursuit.
calling n. profession or occupation.
advancement n. the promotion of a person, cause, or plan.
job n. 1 a piece of work, esp. one done for hire or profit. 2 a paid position of employment.*

*all definitions from The Oxford Modern English Dictionary © 1992 Oxford University Press

My Work in All Its Guises Fact. . . in the nature of a relatively standard résumé, with a self-admitted penchant for tooting my own horn, that being an acquired privilege upon becoming a woman of a certain age
Fancy. . . more in the genre of creative nonfiction, but primarily short of poetic license